Amazingly, 2.25 billion cups of coffee are consumed globally every day and approximately 750 million paper filters are used each day in automatic drip coffeemakers. The biggest disadvantage to using paper filters in automatic drip coffee makers is that they collapse causing the coffee grounds to overflow into your coffee pot and even worse, overflow onto your counter. Coffee Bullet™ stops this problem permanently saving you time and money.

Permanent filters seem like a great alternative to paper filters, but they must be washed, and you get that sludge at the end of your cup in your cream…YUCK!! But more importantly, permanent filters do not filter any of the diterpenes, oily compounds that have been linked to increased cholesterol levels in the human body.

One marvelous advantage of choosing paper filters when brewing coffee is ability to reduce the risk of coffee-related cholesterol increase. It seems incredible, but coffee can increase cholesterol levels. In fact, according to researchers one diterpene called Cafestol has been found to be “the most potent cholesterol elevating compound identified in the human diet.” In tests nearly all coffee related cholesterol rise for both total and LDL was linked to unfiltered coffee. Fortunately, diterpenes are oily substances and “stick” to the paper filter allowing very few to escape into your coffee pot. Paper filters filter diterpenes giving you one more bit of control over your cholesterol levels.

Finally, the Coffee Bullet™ also helps make the world a little greener because it encourages the use of automatic drip coffee makers which employs only one paper filter per 8-12 cups of coffee as opposed to one plastic pod per one cup. The possible positive impact on the environment and landfills is staggering.

The Coffee Bullet™ makes using paper filters in automatic coffee makers stress and mess free, and using paper filters can be beneficial to your health. So use the Coffee Bullet™ to make a better cup of coffee and improve your day.

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