Coffee Bullet

Automatic drip coffee makers make an amazing cup of coffee.

But sometimes the coffee grounds end up in the pot or coffee overflows onto the counter because of coffee filter collapse.

Now there is a fix to this problem – The Coffee Bullet™ a simple to use round device that has been tested and is foolproof! Only clean brewed coffee. Buy one today!

Coffee Filter Fix

ABOUT THE Coffee Bullet™

  • Targets and eliminates coffee filter collapse!
  • Easy to use – a round device made for 8-12 cup automatic coffee drip brewers with round coffee baskets
  • Saves time – prevents filter collapsed caused coffee overflow or grounds mess
  • Saves money – extra pots of coffee won’t need to be re-brewed or extra filter used
  • Environmentally friendly – sustainable and reduces the amount of paper waste
  • Contact us now to order your Coffee Bullet™ and take aim and end filter collapse for good


The Coffee Bullet™ was developed because inventor Cathy Kirk was tired of ruined pots of coffee. Her research revealed that millions of people have been looking for the answer to coffee filter collapse, but not one product was available to solve the problem. She created the solution- The Coffee Bullet™!
Cathy found some astonishing facts about coffee and the health and environmental benefits of using paper filters making the Coffee Bullet™ even more valuable!
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